WOMB-EN ONLY by Travis Alabanza

Travis Alabanza - Wildabout Magazine

Travis Alabanza is a Black, transfemme performance artist, poet & writer that lives in London. Their work aims to create accessible dialogue focused on their experiences growing and surviving in a world that aims to other their body. A 2016/17 Artist and Resident at the Tate, as well as exhibiting ‘The Other’d Artist’ at Transmissions Gallery, Glasgow in Feb 2017, Alabanza is particularly interested in how art and performance can be used to start cross-generational dialogues within communities.

Womb-en-Only presents the question for us to really challenge what spaces we are creating…

‘I wanted to create a piece that challenged the idea of spaces that say “Women and Non binary people welcome” – but only mean a certain type of non-binary body. I wanted to interrogate and challenge the narrative of “safe spaces” and look at how we create a subtle, but felt, feeling of transmisogyny within spaces. This piece is more asking questions rather than coming with answers. I remember going into spaces that said “women and non binary people welcome” – and feeling completely isolated. That they wanted a certain type of “non-binary” body, that doesn’t fit with people who have penises or a beard. I know that certain days, when presenting in certain ways, I will be far more accepted in a space than others, but often – if I don’t have a way of being accompanied home late after an event – I will really reconsider what I wear and how I present.  Womb-en-Only presents the question for us to really challenge what spaces we are creating, to be intentional with how we create them, and to say what we REALLY mean when setting up spaces. I know there is a need for women-only spaces, I just am tired of being falsely invited to a space that says it will accept me, and instead – pushes me away……’

Travis Alabanza - Wildabout MagazineYou can find out more about Travis and their work on twitter @travisalabanza and their website: travisalabanza.co.uk

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