Vivetta fall 2017

From high heels to flats, there are plenty of unique shoes that have made their way down the runways created by many different designers. Featuring styles such as punk and the more glamorous, each shoe is its own work of art. WILDABOUT take a look into some of the most memorable and iconic footwear that has stolen the hearts of all you shoe lovers out there. This is what happens when art and fashion go hand in hand to create outstanding new collections.

Porcelain Princess: Vivetta

Vivetta fall 2017
Vivetta fall 2017, It’s like walking on art

Vivetta made mouths drop with their fall 2017 collection. The shoes presented beautiful little faces on the heels of their flamboyant boots. Bringing a graceful yet rebellious vibe to the catwalk. Assisting a bit of nostalgia onto the runway too as the dainty portraits give an eerie touch, like the elegant china dolls some of us may have had as a child.

Double Trouble: Hood by Air

Hood by Air at NYFW Spring 2017
Hood by Air walking at NYFW Spring 2017

Hood by Air were pushing the boundaries and rebelling against the fashion rules with their New York fashion week spring 2017 collection. Not only did they impress the viewers but also generated a genius and creative new style. Their double boot stole the show as it’s not been seen before. It’s not only whacky but it’s also widening the creative spectrum, allowing more and more ideas to follow in the fashion world.

Pop Art VS. Leather

Marc Jacobs walking at New York fashion week spring 2017
Marc Jacobs walking at New York fashion week spring 2017

Marc Jacobs spring 2017 collection brought glam rock back into the fashion scene. With heavenly platforms covered top to toe in captivating illustrations. Showing a very innovative way of bringing back many iconic styles and trends from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Equally channelling the pop art era, with bold outlines and vibrant colours.

These are only a few of the quintessential looks that designers have given us to craze over. More and more designers are beginning to show a rebellious side to their masterpieces and revolutionising fashion. Each runway becomes it’s own gallery and each shoe is like walking on art.

What were your favourite moments on the runway when art and fashion walked hand in hand? email tips@wildaboutmagazine.com !


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