Diversity in film and television has been a topic of discussion for a while now, as people of colour have demanded accurate depictions of themselves onscreen void of discriminatory caricatures. In recent days, we have seen movies such as Ghost in the Shell flop at the box office and programmes like Guerrilla fall foul to criticism due to their erasure of people of colour on screen, especially women of colour. Whilst screenwriters such as Shonda Rhimes, Mindy Kaling and Jordan Peele grow in appeal, due to their diverse ‘real’ depictions of ‘everyday’ people of colour on screen.

'Get Out' Shows How Being Defined By Your Race Puts Your Own Identity At Risk. Written and Directed by Jordan Peele.
‘Get Out’ Shows How Being Defined By Your Race Puts Your Own Identity At Risk. Written and Directed by Jordan Peele.

The former demonstrates why it is so important to highlight and give people of colour the opportunity to showcase their talents. Not only is it an accurate depiction of our global community but it is also better for business – diverse shows and movies reach a wider demographic, the wider the demographic the more profitable the show or movie is – simple.

Even though this year has been a progressive one for people of colour in film, there is still an absence of alternative narratives being celebrating in award ceremonies, which makes this years Screen Nation Film Awards so important. The Screen Nation Film Awards are known for their unmatched record of forecasting the undeniable rise to fame of many of the hottest young screen stars working today, this small but high quality award show returns once again to the city of London, as the UK’s only international celebration of black British achievement in film and TV.

10th Screen Nation Film Awards
10th Screen Nation Film Awards

On the 7th May 2017, we will witness the 12th edition of the annual Screen Nation Film & Television Awards – which is popularly known as ‘the black Bafta’s’ and acknowledged by the industry as ‘the’ media event showcasing black screen excellence. The prestigious event features the cream of black British film and television alongside stars from the worlds of sport, music, media, fashion and entertainment. Past award recipients include Hollywood legends Morgan Freeman and Pam Grier as well as top draw British talent, Steve McQueen OBE and Idris Elba OBE,  and fast rising stars such as John Boyega  and Arnold Oceng.

Make sure you head to the Screen Nation website now for tickets to this unmissable event.

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