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The WILDABOUT team caught up with upcoming neo-soul sensation Kemi Ade to discuss what she would change about the world and her future plans. 

WILDABOUT: It is an honour to interview you, a few of our music contributors follow you on soundcloud and have been in love with your sound since your single ‘Then’. How has your sound developed since then? 

Kemi Ade: I’ve been working with some amazing people that seem to get me as a person which goes hand in hand with my artistry. So as i’ve grown they’ve been able to see it and help it form into the sound i’ve created with them.

WA: How do you write music? Is there a process? 

KA: I just write honestly, it’s just come to me. It’s like a Fax from the heavens which Type out on Marcus (my Mac).

WA: What advice would you give to young musicians who are finding it hard to stay true to their organic sound?

KA: Trust yourself, Trust your abilities. It’s really hard believe but you are the only you and only you can make you sound. People will always find good music. Its the natural order of the world.

WA: How have your experiences growing up influenced your craft? 

KA: Honestly i’ve seen a lot of heartache in relationships. My own and others due to dishonesty. Thats made me speak as truthfully as I can in my music.

WA: Which musicians have influenced you and why? 

KA: It’s more of a culmination of artists: Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Musiq Souldchild, Frank Ocean, Nad Palm…  There’s lots to be honest – I relate to the honesty in music and beautiful sounds. Which give me courage to translate that in my music, I guess.

WA: If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

KA: Stop everyone from airing messages. Airing is terrible. I’m guilty of it as well tbh.

WA: What are your plans for this year?


WA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

KA: 5 Years. Being AWESOME [laughs]. Touring and Making Amazing Music.


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