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Brit Alumni, Anita Nicole, is a 23 year old singer songwriter from London. In an exclusive interview with WILDABOUT she shares her hopes for 2017 and inspirations.

TSKENYA: How did you get into music and have you always known you wanted to be a musician?

Anita Nicole: Since I was around 7 I always loved impersonating Janet, Aaliyah all the stars that would come on TV. I knew I wanted to perform and be on stage like my heroes. So I enrolled in Sylvia Young when I was around 14 on weekends and kept that up until I went to BRIT School to study music at 16. My mum was like you can’t do both, you better pick one. So BRIT it was.

TSK: What is the hardest thing about your craft?

AN: I guess it’s just staying motivated even when you feel things are quiet. Just chipping away at your craft daily, even when you feel you’re not supported as much as you’d like. These are the minutes that turn into hours…days…then years eventually. So you’re much better off spending it working on yourself than being down.

TSK: It is a hard industry and you have to keep pushing. How do you keep motivated? 

AN: By focusing on the ultimate goal and reviewing how far I’ve come already. Thinking of all the people I’ve worked with. My brother said to me recently ‘you know you’ve seen 2 seperate Grammy’s. In the flesh. 2! I don’t even know someone that knows someone that’s got a Grammy!’ That really made me stop in my tracks because it’s true. I’ve worked with people that have the pinnacle achievement of the music industry. So I feel like I’m getting closer each day you know lol. I’m going the right way.

Anita Nicole 'Wounds' Cover - Wildabout Magazine

TSK: Describe your sound in three words?

AN: Urban pop, real and unusual. I like weird sounds and stuff that wouldn’t usually go well together but finding a way to make it work.

TSK: Who are your musical inspirations and why?

AN: Numero uno will always be Michael Jackson for me. There’s just no one that does what he does. There never will be again! He just had way too much sauce lol. I love Sia also. Her songwriting and style is crazy. Another would be a lady called Teena Marie. Rick James kinda started her out. She was eventually writing/producing all the stuff on her albums and the music is just bananas! So good it makes you cry, literally. Check out Fire and Desire with Rick James if you haven’t yet and another called Black Rain. Just insane musicality!

TSK: What has been your most defining moment up to now?

AN: I’d say meeting my manager was a great defining moment for me. He was a former head at Sony and having someone of that calibre believe in me is just crazy. He tells me all these stories of people I still read about. Like Mariah, Alicia Keys. Even Armani. It’s like wtf how are you working with these people. I look at him like an alien sometimes for thinking that it’s normal.

TSK: What is the plan for 2017? What are you hoping to achieve?

AN: To keep releasing more singles. Shoot some videos. Put out an EP or 2 and to get as many people to hear my music as I possibly can…


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