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One of my favourite podcasts to binge on is Melanin Millennials.
A hilarious show hosted by two of London’s most care-free Black Women Imrie and Satia. Only in their 20’s the duo started their podcast last year, boasting a strong run of over 50 episodes. Not only do they provide a weekly dose of laughter, but serious conversation on race, equality, and politics.
Get to know the dynamic duo down below and check out their podcast here.
Zac: What inspired the podcast Melanin Millennials?
Melanin Millennials: The podcast was born out of a deep need to speak for ourselves and to share our opinions. We didn’t see anyone else that looked like us publicly speaking their truth on subjects that affected us here in the UK. Politics, media, and entertainment all shape the way society thinks and acts.
We just got a bit fed up of screaming ‘black women are erased’. So this is our contribution to being more visible.
Zac: You guys speak very candidly about important issues which are rarely conveyed in mainstream media, have you had any backlash or resistance not create your content?
MM: No, not really. We have had very few trolls our audience is 92% BAME so we are pretty spot on in targeting our demographic who love what we are doing whether they agree or not. Our show is not authoritative we don’t set out to shape or change opinions we just want others like us to express their own. A lot of people disagree with one or both of us, and we welcome the debate.
Zac: Who are your personal inspirations?
MM: That is a great question. I can’t speak for Satia on this, but for me, Issa Rae because she stayed true to her content when HBO wanted her to change it. Shonda Rhimes because she consistently creates fantastic dramas with an effortlessly diverse cast and it’s some of the best on TV. Finally, Diane Abbott because she is so brave, she stands tall, proud and fearless in her position, I may not always agree with her politics, but I have an enormous amount of respect for her.
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Zac: What advice would you give to young people who aspire to work in a media/creative led field?
MM: It’s tough because I don’t think we ‘work’ in the media. We created a table and gave ourselves a seat at it so luckily, we don’t play by the same rules. If you’re going to traditional media organisations, I’d say be fearless and learn everything you can so you can do it for yourself when the time comes.
Zac: What advice would you give to your younger self?
MM: Slow down the only rush is in your head. I always feel like I’m on a deadline and it’s always self-imposed because I fed myself the lie that I need pressure to produce great work and usually it just created rushed work and disappointment. So, I’d tell myself to take my time and be a little more selfish.
Zac: What is next for you guys?
MM: That’s a great question. I’m hoping events and more face-time with the listeners. Also, looking at how we level up our conversations and debates on more issues. 2016 threw us a lot of content. I’d like 2017 and onward to be more active and hopeful discussions that push the community forward.
Zac: Finally, who would be your dream interview?
MM: Any of the people I listed as my personal inspiration. By 2018 I will have at least breathed the same air as Issa Rae. If she lets me record the word ‘Hello’ she is being listed as a featured guest on the episode haha.


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